Choosing activities

Regular exercise brings many health benefits, so if you are looking to do more, it's important to find the right activity for you. Aim for both regular aerobic activity and muscle strengthening exercises to meet your recommended physical activity guidelines.

When choosing an activity, think about your current ability level and the results you want to achieve. You can still do regular physical activity if you have disabilities or are older and haven't exercised before.

Activities for beginners

Doing more physical activity may seem daunting at first, often it's the thought of going to the gym or taking up a new sport. You may want to start off slowly or exercise by yourself or at home first to build up your confidence. Begin to plan how you can build exercise into your daily routine.

Great exercises for beginners include:

Advanced activities

If you are already doing regular physical activity and are looking to try something new or more advanced, have a look online for activities in your local area.

More advanced activities include:

  • competitive running, swimming or cycling
  • climbing
  • weight lifting
  • circuit training

If you are a member of a gym, you could ask if they have personal trainers, they will be able to safely push you further in your training and update your fitness plan. More intense exercise is much safer when done under the supervision of an expert. This may be costly, but some gyms do include personal training sessions in their membership packages. Costs do vary so make sure to shop around.

You can also find out more about choosing an activity if you are older, pregnant and/or have a disability.

Last updated:
30 April 2020

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