What happens at your child's appointment?

Your GP practice or clinic will send you an appointment for you to bring your baby in for their immunisation. Most practices and health centres run special immunisation or baby clinics. If you can’t get to the clinic, contact the practice to make another appointment.

All routine childhood NHS vaccinations are free.

What happens at the appointment?

The doctor or nurse will explain the immunisation process to you, and answer any questions you have.

What if I miss the appointment?

If you miss the appointment or have to delay the immunisation, make a new appointment. The immunisation schedule can be picked up where it stopped without having to start again.

What if my baby is ill on the day of the appointment?

If your baby has a minor illness without a fever, such as a cold, they should have their immunisations as normal. If your baby is ill with a fever, delay the immunisation until they've recovered. This is to avoid the fever being associated with the vaccine, or the vaccine increasing the fever your baby already has.

If your baby has a bleeding disorder or has had a fit not associated with fever, they can receive immunisations but may need additional care.

Speak to your GP, practice nurse or health visitor before your child has any immunisation.

Vaccine Safety Net Member

Public Health Scotland is a proud member of the Vaccine Safety Net and partners with NHS inform to provide reliable information on vaccine safety.

The Vaccine Safety Net is a global network of websites, evaluated by the World Health Organization, that provides reliable information on vaccine safety.

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11 August 2022

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