Where and when to get help

Some of these services can be accessed directly through self-referral and others will require a visit to your GP or health professional to discuss the best option for you.

Support from dietitians

Dietitians can assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They can provide advice on what foods you should eat to optimise and improve your health.

If you or your GP feel a consultation from a dietitian could help you then you can be referred by your GP or health professional.

Local weight management groups

You may find local groups will help you in achieving your goals. Having like-minded people all aiming for the same outcome of improved health and diet can be a great motivator.

Your local NHS will provide a free weight management programme that can support you with weight loss if you are wanting to manage your weight.

Local leisure services and commercial weight loss groups can be a great place for diet advice and support, however, these groups aren't free so do some research and find out how much it will cost you before signing up.

If you choose to join a group, remember to always approach your weight loss goals realistically and at a steady pace. You can join online or find a group locally.

To find a group near you, visit the Scottish Service Directory or speak to your health professional.

Last updated:
30 April 2020

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