Your screening appointment

Screening appointments usually take place at a screening centre or clinic.

An appointment will sometimes be arranged for you or you'll be able to make an appointment when it suits you. You can still attend even if you haven't accepted previous invitations for screening.

Bowel screening doesn't involve an appointment. Your bowel screening test is sent to your home address and you complete the test at home.

Before your appointment

Before you attend your appointment, you should contact your local screening centre or clinic, if you:

  • would like someone else with you during the screening test
  • have a disability or need additional help
  • have previously had cancer

You’ll find the contact number on your invitation letter.

Request an interpreter

If you don’t speak or understand English fluently, you’re entitled to a free interpreter for any contact you have with the NHS.

Depending on where you live, you’ll either be offered face-to-face or telephone interpretation and your choice of a male or female interpreter.

If you’d like an interpreter, contact your nearest screening centre so they can arrange this in plenty of time.


Like health professionals, interpreters must respect your right to confidentiality. This means they can’t share information about you with anyone except authorised NHS staff.

Travel costs

Under the NHS Low Income Scheme, if you need to travel to attend your screening appointment, you might be able to claim back some of your travel costs.

This scheme is available to people on low incomes or receiving qualifying benefits or allowances, like income support.

Last updated:
13 July 2021

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