Uèle Lamore has always explored music’s infinite possibilities. From an adolescence spent studying jazz, rock, and classical music to recent work experimenting with AI-generated sounds, the 27-year-old Franco-American artist has followed her curiosity, blending a disparate variety of styles and genres to emerge as one of contemporary music’s most acclaimed composers, arrangers, producers, and conductors.


Experimentation with modular, electronic, and synthetic elements followed, as did composing and arranging within electro, new wave, rock, techno, minimal, and ambient. Since 2019, she has served as an associate conductor, orchestrator, and arranger for the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO), and has collaborated with a number of highly acclaimed artists such as Alfa Mist, Max Cooper, Etienne Daho, Silly Boy Blue, Moor Mother, Drum & Lace, Yan Wagner, and Hugo Lx. Next up is LOOM, her debut solo album, a sonically ambitious record that melds elements of indie pop and alternative music to what Lamore calls a “model of a symphonic poem”.

Featuring string performances from the LCO, and guest vocals from Silly Boy Blue, Gracy Hopkins, and Cherise, LOOM is entirely self-produced and showcases her unique, expansive style. Live, LOOM will be touring the world from early 2022, Lamore’s five-piece band adding a raw, visceral edge to the music as part of a spectacular show aided by Japanese artist Akiko Nakayamas colourful, psychedelic video syncs for each track.

Antoine De Tapol