Uele Lamore - a 27 year old franco-american - is a composer, producer, conductor, and arranger.


She is specialised in the mixing of orchestral and acoustic textures with modular, electronic and synthetic elements.


Non-affiliated to classical music, she likes to dive into the fields of composition and arranging through many musical styles: electro, new wave, rock, techno, minimal, ambient and many more that are left to explore leaving an infinite range of possibilities.


She hence developed a unique and recognisable sound signature through her music, leading to produce her first EP " TRACKS " (2020), that would quickly be followed by a full length album to be released by K7! in spring 2021.


She has collaborated as an arranger and orchestrator with many artists, ranging from Alfa Mist to Max Cooper, Etienne Daho, Silly Boy Blue, Moor Mother, Drum & Lace, Yan Wagner or Hugo Lx… The projects range from specific arrangement commissions to full arrangement an production of albums, EP's or single tracks as well as special orchestral projects for festivals (Printemps de Bourges, Variations...).


Uele also works on original soundtracks for different medias, ranging from movies to animation. She is currently working on different OST's including Aïssa Maïga's directing debut "Walking On Water". 


She is since 2019 a London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO) associate conductor, orchestrator and arranger.




Daphne Giquel
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